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praise for the book

"Leslie Lautenslager was my father's indispensable aid for decades, but she was also a valued member of our family. She has written an intimate portrait of a man who had many sides that few people got to see. Our family is grateful to Leslie for capturing the richness of our beloved patriarch."

The Honorable Michael Powell
Colin Powell's Son

"When Leslie started working for my Dad, I was in my twenties and off on my own personal journey. Now as a fully formed adult, this book by my "sister from another mister" is a tremendous gift. It is a window into parts of my sweet daddy's life to which I had no access, and which will help keep his memory alive for me and my children."

Anne Powell
Colin Powell's Daughter


about the book


At some point, we have all wondered what it would have been like to be the proverbial "fly on the wall to history." In My Time with General Colin Powell: Stories of Kindness, Diplomacy, and Protocol, Leslie Lautenslager pulls back the curtain on her 25 years spent at the side of one of America's greatest public servants, General Colin L. Powell, sharing a very personal narrative on his time as America's chief diplomat and his professional speaking career.

To the world, he was a military leader, a diplomat, a senior statesman, and a tireless advocate for young people. To his family and close friends, he was so much more — funny, charming, self-deprecating, practical, generous, gracious and kind. He was also a song and dance man, a car aficionado, a handyman, a lover of comfort food, a standup comedian, and a storyteller.


Through the pages of her book, Leslie Lautenslager shares the stories of her time with General Powell, allowing us, two years after his death, the privilege of seeing a very personal side of Colin Powell that few knew but can now be added to our collective history on one of America's greatest heroes.

about the author


Leslie Lautenslager began her career in protocol when she was hired by U.S. Chief of Protocol Selwa “Lucky” Roosevelt. In addition to working on state and official visits of chiefs of state and heads of government, she organized and lead delegations representing President Reagan at various events around the world.  After her administration appointment ended, Leslie joined the Battle of Normandy Foundation where she oversaw special events and protocol for over five years leading up to the 50th anniversary of D-Day. 


Her life changed in April 1996 when she was hired by the co-founders of the Washington Speakers Bureau to assist one of the most popular speakers on the international stage: General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.).  Despite their different backgrounds, they quickly developed a unique rapport and language that lasted until his death over 25 years later.  On the professional speaking circuit, she was his liaison to clients, responsible for the logistical details of travel and preparations to make him “smart” about each event.  


When General Powell was confirmed as the U.S. Secretary of State, she served as the Assistant Chief of Protocol for Ceremonials and Special Assistant to the Secretary of State, responsible for a staff tasked with planning and organizing all functions hosted by the Secretary to honor foreign dignitaries.  Additionally, she supported ceremonies on behalf of the President and Vice President for national commemorations, the annual opening of the United Nations General Assembly, and state funerals, among many others.  In 2005 after the General’s four-year tenure as the world’s top diplomat, she returned with him to the speaking circuit.  


A graduate of the College of William & Mary, she has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Psychology and in Fine Arts.  

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